Ekran Ładowania, Nalewki Staropolskie

Nalewki Staropolskie

Mark of highest quality
Rodzinna firma Majewskich

Family business

"Nalewki Staropolskie" is a family business established in 2004. Tinctures are made according to traditional home recipes. Unusual, natural aromas, colors and flavors are attained by sticking to old recipes and formulas and the use of nearly 40 years of Karol Majewski's experience and knowledge - a master of taste and the company's founder, who in his life has crafted more than three hundred tinctures. Our tinctures are exclusive products. On the alcohol market positioned as a niche product of the highest quality in terms of quality and appearance.

The different types of liquors are manufactured in small quantities and they all are vintages. Current tinctures, that we bring to market were crafted in years 2004-2010. Our products are recommended by Slow Food (three flavors are certified), are the winner of the Award Emblem Teraz Polska, they are rewarded and highlighted in national tinctures festivals. Our regular customers are, among others Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, the Chancellery of the parliament, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Restaurant Atelier Amaro.

Rodzinna firma Majewskich

A few words...

about production

Fruits are derived from natural crops from small, ecologic orchards and forest glades. We prefer wild types, often forgotten, as for instance cherry plum, hackberry, hawthorn from Kampinos Wilderness, quince from Bory Tucholskie or blackthorn from Bieszczady and Gorce. At first, tinctures ripens in sun, which extracts whole bouquet of greatest aromas and flavors. Then for many years they mature in jars and demijohns in cold and dark basements. Thanks to that process they achieve their unique flavor. Minimal wait time is three years. We do not add any aromas, dyes or correctors. Whole production process is performed manually, home made way.